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Residential Track Lighting

The Gemstone Lights system integrates permanent LED track lighting seamlessly onto your home's existing roofline. The discreet, low-profile, color-matched track conceals the LED lights during the day, only to illuminate them at night.

Custom-Designed for Your House

We can walk you through the design details of your lighting system and make sure that your LED lights will enhance the curb appeal of your house for many years to come.

Mobile App

You're in control of each and every light on your house! With the mobile app, you can: 

  • Create and save your favorite patterns and add animations

  • Design lighting patterns specific to your house and roofline

  • Set timers for your lights

Gemstone Lights Aluminum Track

The aluminum track is color-matched and installed to complement your existing soffit and fascia. We have different types of track for different applications ensuring that the installation looks perfect.

Expert Installation from a Premier Dealer

You won't find more experienced installers, we've done over 1,300 installations! We've achieved the highest level of certification from Gemstone Lights as a Premier Authorized Dealer.

Discover elegant and efficient lighting with our residential track lighting. Enhance your home's ambiance in a unique way. Get your free estimate today!

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