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We Know Gemstone Lights

Premier Authorized Gemstone Lights Dealer


The Gemstone Lights System

Functionality You Will Love



  • Individually Addressable Lights: Experience complete creativity with RGB color-changing LEDs to access any color of the rainbow, including cool and bright white.

  • Dedicated Warm White LED: Enjoy a soft, elegant glow with a dedicated 2800K warm white LED, perfect for accentuating architectural features.

  • Ultimate Control: These industry-leading lights include a powerful electronic chip for precise control over every aspect of lighting.

  • Robust & Durable: Built to last with fireproof, waterproof, and UV-protected materials, ensuring resilience against all elements.


Aluminum Track

  • Customized Profiles & Colors: We digitally color match the track to your home’s soffit or fascia for a sleek, integrated look. 

  • Adaptable to Unique Rooflines: No matter how unique or challenging your roofline, we have a solution to ensure a perfect fit and finish.

  • Low Profile Design: Our tracks are designed to blend seamlessly with your home, maintaining a clean and unobtrusive appearance.


Controller & Power Kit

  • Seamless Integration: Specifically designed to work with all our products, the controller is the powerful brain of the system, utilizing state-of-the-art computing technology for flawless operation.

  • Innovative & Reliable: Experience cutting-edge control of your lighting system, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

  • Custom Designed for Harmony: Each component of our power kit is custom designed to work together seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Sleek, Safe & Certified: The power kit boasts a modern look and is fully certified for use in North American homes and businesses, prioritizing safety with protection against short circuits, arcs, and surges

  • Compliance with Highest Standards: Rest assured with hardware that’s rigorously tested and certified to the highest electrical standards, including UL or ETL.


Mobile App

  • In-House Development: Our app is crafted by an in-house team, dedicated to providing an intuitive, fun, and constantly improving user experience.

  • Versatile & User-Friendly: Easily create or download diverse colors and patterns, build timers, and design custom lighting scenes all from your mobile device.

  • Remote Control: Manage and control your lighting system from anywhere, ensuring convenience and flexibility with just a few taps.

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